Support Needed for the Nason Memorial Scholarship Fund


In 1982, the Nason Memorial Scholarship Fund was established, and over the past 35 years the income generated from the fund has been used to provide scholarships to students pursuing academic or vocational education beyond the high school level.

In these times of higher costs and economic crisis, there exists a greater possibility that our young people would truly need our assistance. Within the guidelines, the Nason Scholarship Fund is available and should be used when there is a real need.

If the Scholarship Fund is to do the good for which it was created, it will need the expanded support of the entire congregation.  One of the greatest assets we have is our youth.  The education and training of our youth is a noble cause which guarantees the life of our church, community, and our nation.

Each of you can join in this endeavor by making a contribution in the following ways:

  1. Contribute now to its continued growth and availability.
  2. When death occurs, consider memorializing a loved one by designating memorial gifts to the Nason Scholarship Fund.

We need your help in this important work for our church.  Please consider seriously the great importance of contributing to the Nason Scholarship Fund by responding to this appeal with a gift.  Such generosity is fully taxable.  Your moneys will work for generations to come and will strongly support the future of this church.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Your support will mean a great deal to the intellectual life of our students and will support God’s work in the world.

For the Nason Memorial Scholarship Committee,


Gene Signor, chair


Scholarship Fund Committee Members:

Ronald Bailer
Pamela Cincotta
Barbara Hilsinger
Sharon Signor