This year, we are joining in a "Plus One" campaign. We are asking everyone in our church to prayerfully make a commitment to:

    1. Add one chapter to their daily Bible reading.

   2. Add one more daily time of prayer to their lives.

   3. Increase their financial giving by at least 1%.

   4. Lead one person to faith in Christ.

We will be providing resources to encourage, equip, and empower these commitments throughout the year. We will also be sharing stories of how God is blessing us through our commitment. We are excited to see what God has in store for us in 2017!


Some ideas for adding a chapter of Scripture a day to your devotional life:
1. Read a Psalm each day. There are 150. Two trips through would complete a big portion of the year.
2. Choose a book, like Ephesians. It has six chapters. Read a chapter each day, Monday through Saturday. You
    complete it in a week, but then reread the same book for four weeks. Each trip through will reveal new things.
3. Try a different Bible translation, or one designed with readings for each day. Maybe choose one with new, and
    interesting study notes. Use it for a year to inspire your reading.

Some ideas for adding prayer to your day:
1. Pray for our country at noon each day.
2. If you pray in the morning, add a prayer at night.
3. Plug into a prayer team or group already established: for example- prayer cards or join us for Thursday night
    prayer at 6:30.

  As we prayerfully consider increasing our giving by 1%, consider the impact of small things. Little things add up to become big things. This week, our suggestion is to consider the use of your change. Those leftover coins that end up in jars or on the microwave can make a big difference in what we offer to God if we add them to our giving.

Bring One Person to Faith in Christ: 
  A first step is to remember your story. How did you come to faith in Christ? What difference did it make? How can you briefly share that story with someone?

  Consider getting an audio version of the bible.  This will make it easy to listen on your phone or in the car.

  As we deepen our life of prayer, consider engaging in a season of prayer and fasting. This is especially relevant in Lent. You are invited to share in our Lenten prayer and study meetings on Wednesday, or you can follow your own plan. It is a great way to empower your prayer life.

  In our effort to increase our giving by at least one percent this year, consider the possibility of making a thank offering when you experience a blessing from God. Big or small, these are a great response to the generosity of God, and a way to increase our giving.

For a digital copy of our How to pray for the lost guide, please click the link.