Prayer is a powerful gift from God that leads us into greater closeness with God, reveals more of who we are in light of God’s presence in our lives, and allows us to invoke the power of God to transform the world. God invites us to share this exciting journey and, together, change the world.

     John, while exiled to the island of Patmos, received a vision from God that included a glimpse into the throne room. There, in the presence of God, the angels and the saints sang and declared God’s praise. He also saw the prayers of the faithful believers still alive as incense in bowls rising before God’s holy presence. There is clearly something beautiful, and powerful, in the mingling of prayer and worship.
     This year, our two-day Prayer Institute training event focuses on releasing the power of prayer and worship in our lives. From the joy and peace that come from a deeper life with Jesus, to the insight and power that result from God’s revelation, our prayer and worship equip us to live the abundant, victorious Christian life. Our Equipping Sessions will give us exciting information, but there will also be time to put that new knowledge into practice as we share in prayer together.